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Netflix is a well-known name among the people that enjoy watching their favorite movies and TV shows online. It is an on-demand media streaming service, meaning that everybody can watch a movie or favorite TV series whenever they want, and making sure not to miss anything. On-demand streaming services became very popular in the past years, due to the rapid evolution of technology, the Internet and mobile device. Today, most people that unpredictable and busy schedules, so being loyal to a particular TV show every day can be very difficult. Thus, with websites like Netflix, you can watch what you like, whenever you like, regardless of schedule or time in a day. Still, one aspect regarding Netflix may bother most of the people using it. You can’t download anything, let’s say your favorite movie, or any other video, to watch it repeatedly or keep it in your private collection. The website does not provide such services. So, is it really impossible to download videos from Netflix? The answer is that nothing is impossible these days, at least not with the available technology. There are ways to download your favorite content from Netflix, and you are just about to find out several methods that will help you do that. Keep reading and pick the method that suits you best.

#1 Video Downloader Software

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Platform: Windows, Mac, iOS/android (via transfer)

Over the Internet, you will find available software that is capable of downloading video from Netflix, while one of the best options is the Video Downloader Pro. What this software does is to record what you are watching on Netflix, allowing you to store the video on your computer. You will have to enter in its menu and press the start recording option, before watching a movie, for instance. Do keep in mind that it will record whatever it is happening on the desktop of your computer. So, if you don’t want to have unwanted pauses on your recording, don’t step out of the movie or change the Netflix page, since everything you do while the software is recording will be captured on track. You should also be careful about the sound, to avoid the recording to have a weak sound as well. The sound of movie will be recorded along with video automatically. And when you're done with recording, just press the "REC" icon again to save recorded video into file list.

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Also, if you don’t like the format in which the recording was saved on your computer, you can always import it into the built-in converter and change the format into one that is more comfortable to you. It depends very much on what type of device you wish to unroll the recorded movie or video. Further, if you prefer, you may also transfer the videos recorded this way to your portable devices like mobile and tablet - you just need to facilitate the built-in video transfer tool to do the trick. Detailed information can be read on the product page.

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#2 Online Recorders

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platform: Win/Mac (works on web browser)

Besides the video recording software, there is another kind of software, called online screen recording tool. With its help, you can download anything you want from websites like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. It will also have to be installed on the web browser in order to work. Such Netflix download option is Screen Recorder Online. It will have a small operating window that will facilitate the recording process. You will just have to click the button to activate the screencast panel, select to record screen activity along with audio, and then drag a region for recording the live video. This web tool comes in versions compatible with Windows and Mac systems. There’s no need of registration and also no time limit in recording. You just need to keep the app running when playing desired video on Netflix until it’s done.

#3 Free Screen Recorder for Android

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platform: Android only

With the rapid expansion of mobile devices, it was impossible for Netflix not to develop a mobile app for its users. Thus, you can find in app stores the Netflix mobile app, specially designed for smartphones and tablets. The tool we evaluate here is Free Screen Recorder (No root required). You can use it for recording the live stream of Netflix so as to watch it later without internet. Unfortunately, this way also works as recording the playback of current video while there’s no option for downloading video clips directly. For the moments, this is the only way to enjoy videos on mobile devices, unless you already have them downloaded on your computer and make the transfer onto a mobile device (Check for first option if needed). But do be careful at the storage capacity of your device, as high-quality videos will occupy more space.

#4 More Alternatives - PlayLater, TinyTake, Ezvid

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platform: win/mac

People always tried to look for a way to download streaming media. Why? Well, each time you wish to see your movie again, you will have to pay for it. Maybe you will agree to do this the first time you see it. But if you wish to see something you like once again, you won’t consider fair to pay for it again. Thus, these video recording tools were developed as a Netflix download movie alternative. A few names of such tools are PlayLater, TinyTake, Ezvid, or Screenr. There are many more out there, and they are usually free, so don’t be afraid to download and use them if you wish to record something from Netflix, or any other media streaming website. But, again, do be careful about the way the video is rolling, when recording, making sure that you will enjoy an excellent quality recording afterward.


So, as you can see, there are ways to enjoy videos from Netflix, in an offline and free manner. You can try any of these solutions although some are free, and some have a small price. After all, it is up to you how often you will need a software to help you out on this issue. It may also be possible that a free video recording tool not to be very satisfying concerning the quality of the recording. But you can always change it with a better one since they are for free. The point is that there are options to choose from.


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