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Topic in Brief: aTube for Mac

logo of atube catcheraTube Catcher is a free application that can be used for downloading videos from sites like Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo Video, and many more. It can save the downloaded videos in a variety of formats such as MP4, MPG, AVI, FLV, 3GP, etc., and can also encode them for playback in a wide variety of devices. The aTube Catcher program supports Windows only, which means that Mac users are going to have to search for a suitable alternative.

I. Video Downloader Pro (Best Alternative)

This is a very good one indeed. It too allows you to download videos from over 1000 different sites, but this alternative to aTube Catcher for Mac OS X also allows you to get those videos in the exact format that you need. This makes it that much easier to edit and playback all of your chosen videos. The key features of this software are as follows:

  • * Supports Apple devices, Android, PS3, Blackberry, iTunes, Galaxy, PSP, and more.
  • * Supports many web browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Firefox 3.6 and higher, and Safari 5.1.
  • * Multiple export formats, including AVI, MP4, WMV, MTS, TS, VOB, and more.
  • * Multiple audio formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, etc.

Once you download aTube Catcher for Mac, take a moment to read the guide to get an idea of just how easy it is to capture videos. If you have used the Windows version already, this should be a breeze.

mac trial for free win free trial

Note: A free trial with guide is available to Windows users.

Step 1. Run the program for downloading files

When you have installed the program, simply open your favorite browser and navigate to a video site. When you play your selected video, you will see a “Download” button located in the top right corner. Clicking that button will add the video to the download queue.

starter interface

If you want to check the progress of your video downloads, click the “Downloading” option from the menu on the left of the interface. If you want to focus on a single download, click the “Pause” icon on the other videos. You can restart them at your earliest convenience.

Step 2. Convert Videos to the Format of Your Choice

You will be able to view a video by clicking on it in the “Downloaded” menu as soon as the download is complete. Double-clicking the video will let you view it in the built-in video player. You can also right-click the video you want and select “Open the downloaded folder” to check it in the output directory.

downloading videos mac

convert downloaded videos

If you want to play your videos on a specific device, you can convert them to the format you need. All that you need to do is select the video you want, and then click the “Convert” button. A window will appear with a list of output types. Choose what you want and the process will begin.

Once the process is done, you can go to the output formats panel and select from a number of output presets for Apple devices. When you click on the “Apple” tab, you will be presented with icons of all the popular Apple devices. Select “Open the directory when process completed,” followed by “Ok,” which can be found on the bottom right. This will start the conversion process. You are not just limited to Apple devices here, though, as there is a wide variety of different audio and video formats available for you to choose from. With a few moments depending on the size of files, you will have files that you can instantly play on your device with the need for an internet connection.

atube banner

Note: If you make the same conversion every time, select the “Download then Convert” mode so that your videos in the download queue are automatically converted to the format of your choosing.

Extra Tips - aTube Alternative for Windows 8, 10

Another big issue with aTube Catcher is that it will only work on Windows 7. Updating to Windows 8 will mean losing the ability to use the program. If you need an alternative to aTube Catcher for Windows 8, we suggest going with Video Downloader Pro, too.

win free trialmac trial for free

It is designed to help you download videos from all the popular sites, and it even comes with its own browser that allows you to directly access said sites. Best of all, the videos that you download can quickly be converted to the format of your choice.

II. Online Downloader Service (Simple Alternative)

If you need a quick solution on downloading several video clips, then our site's video downloader app will be an eligible one. It can be accessed from here and you can go straightly to download videos without installation, subscription or others.

To start with this tool, you only need to fetch the link of video you need to grab, copy & paste it into above field, and then click "Download". Once the app completes analysing the video clip, it will then offer you a list of media formats available for saving your video file. You can choose one format you like, right-click on the smaller download icon besides it, and then select "Save Link as". Such action will start downloading the video to local drive. Wait a few moments and you could get the video file.

Alternative Online Downloader App - Keepvid

You may also opt to Keepvid, it can download videos to your local drive for playback when you are offline. Videos downloaded within the tool as shown below can be played on a portable device or shared via a removable hard drive.


All you need to do with this application is past the URL of the video into the available field and click “Download.” You will be shown a number of output formats to choose from. Right-click the one you want, which will open another “Download” icon. Click “Save Link As” to begin. The download process is generally very quick. For portable players, choose the MP4 format. Mac and iTunes use the MOV format, while AVI videos are best suited to Windows.

III. Browser Plugin Downloader (Simple Alternative)

If you prefer the way of downloading videos when playing on browser directly (not via copy & paste URL), you may consider installing a free browser plugin on your browser. The extensions like Video DownloadHelper can fulfill your needs completely. Once installed, it will add an extra icon besides the address bar on your browser and can detect any video being streamed on it. By clicking the download icon that appears above the playback window, this tool will expand a task list and add the chosen clip into it. Just give it a few minutes before getting the videos you like. You can use it on FireFox and Chrome. It only falls short on conversion function as you need to install an extra component to convert downloaded files. After all, it also a nice Mac alternative to aTube Catcher.

downloadhelper for chrome

IV. aTube Catcher for Android

video downloader for androidIf you like the experience of downloading videos on Android just like on computer, then the Video Downloader for Android will be an ideal choice. This free app can be found on Google Play Store and works as a simple download manager on your mobile. Once installed, you can access its built-in browser which lets you stream and download video directly. You will also get a task list for browsing through the video clips being downloaded or complete. This app supports several video sites currently but may have some problems in downloading from YouTube depending on different devices.

It's a pity that iOS users can hardly find a parallel app for downloading videos on their app. However, you may try to visit on your mobile. The app which has been reviewed in above sections works for mobile as well. You can enter the URL of a desired video and grab it like working with computer.

If you have better suggestions on aTube Catcher alternative solutions, feel free to discuss it below.