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Tutorial Recorders

Have you ever wonders how people clearly show you what is happening on their computer? That is thanks to screencasting software that anyone can use. So what is stopping you from creating your own how-to videos? Simply try out one of these tools below to start creating your first video.

#1 Free Screenscasting tools

AviScreen: Just like the name implies, this program will record the video on an .avi file, but it is able to do .bmp photos. It is for windows only and it doesn’t record audio. This is an open source program that will capture your on screen audio and video as an .avi file. It is for windows only and it’s free.

Copernicus: This is a free program for Macs that will make a speedy and quick film by recording video to your RAM for quicker access. It doesn’t support audio.

#2 Commercial Screencast Tools

Screen Grabber Pro: This tool is easy to use and professional desktop tool that will record your audio and video at the same time. It also lets you save your videos as a MP4 file. You can also use the built in converter to convert your MP4 into .avi, .wmv, .swf, and .flv as well as other formats without quality loss.


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The full featured interface will give you flexible capture modes that will make screencasts for certain regions, full screen, application window, and so much more. It will also let you add webcam video into your screencast.

AllCapture: Capture video in real time, add audio during the recording or after you’re done. You can output to Flash, .exe, .asf, .dvd, .vcd, and .svcd. There is a free trial for windows only.

HyperCam: This is for windows and it will convert to .avi as well as system audio. It has a free trial or you can buy the full version for $39.95.

iShowU: This will give you a wide range of presets that will let you record on QuickTime and up to 1080p in .pal and .ntsc formats. It also has audio recording and the file is ready to be published as soon as you hit stop and it is for Macs only.