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Record on Windows

During the November of 1992, the AVI (Audio Video Interleave) format was created by the technology giant, Microsoft. Since the launch, it has become one of the standard video formats to users and one of the most used on Windows. One of the few limits that this format has is that it can only be used on Windows based systems and does not work on systems such as Mac or Linux. Given that this is one of the very few limits, the AVI format has become common for those who use screen recorders. Here we will discuss some of programs that can be used for recording screens in AVI format - the mostly used format on Windows.


Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro


3-5 Minutes





The Screen Recorder Pro program is a piece of software which must be purchased, however it is perfect if you are looking to explicitly record your videos in AVI format. This tool works nicely on Windows/Mac systems, giving you the best experience in recording screen along with sound, mouse effects, webcam and more. You can also access the distinctive function of annotating on screen in real time. You're able to control over the recording yet annotate with lines, texts, shapes, arrows and more. Moreover, there're also valuable features like file uploader, built-in player, snapshot maker and more for you to explore.

trial free for windowstry on mac for free

In order for you to record your computer screen, simply follow the steps below:

  • Step #1 – First, download and install the Screen Recorder Pro program accordingly.
  • Step #2 – Launch the program.
  • Step #3 – Click on the “Record” drop down menu, and select how you would like the screen to be recorded (either your entire screen, or a section of your screen).
  • Step #4 – Next, select the audio that you’d like to be recorded. This will be either your system sounds or your microphone, or even both.
  • Step #5 – Once you’ve selected all of your settings, click on the “Start” button and your recording will begin.

1record screen in real time

Step #6 – Once you have recorded all that you want to record, click on the “Stop” button and the file will be saved as AVI format. It’s that simple! It’s also worth noting that similar to how the previously mentioned Camstudio program has a video editing feature, so does Screen Recorder Pro.


CamStudio for Windows



3-5 Minutes





Camstudio is a program which is free to everyone and allows for its users to save their recorded videos in one of two formats. They are able to save their videos in either AVI format, or SWF format. This program is currently only available to the Windows platform. Recording with this is a fairly simple process. Simply click on the red circle to begin recording, and the blue square to stop recording. If you are specifically recording your videos in AVI format, then go ahead and click on the “Record AVI” button. If you wish to record in SWF format, then click on the button again.

record video on windows

However, there is no feature in the program which allows for you to record your videos in AVI and convert them to other formats in order to make them usable on other Operating Systems. If you aren’t looking for anything too complicated but is perfect for basic recording and editing needs, then Camstudio also has a very simple video editing tool built into it, allowing for you to do basic editing without having to search elsewhere.


If you have access to the right set of tools, then recording videos in AVI format is incredibly easy on Windows. The only catch is that AVI files are only able to be played on Windows systems, although if you want to be able to view these videos on other operating systems then uploading them privately to a website such as YouTube would allow for you to access and view the video anywhere at any time!

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