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Record Training Video

The ability to record your computer screen without the use of a physical camera is one of the most helpful features to have available on your computer. Whether you want to record gameplay, or perhaps record a lecture for your students. No matter what, being able to do so is undeniably helpful. Not only that, but when it comes to putting together some sort of tutorial, it provides a better explanation to your viewers as opposed to providing a write up of step-by-step instructions.


Free Online Screen Recorder



2-3 Minutes


Very Easy



Saving the best for last, Free Online Screen Recorder has got to be one of the best online recording programs out there which provides you with the tools to record your display in a high quality, making the viewing experience as pleasant as possible for your viewers. Not only that, but on top of it being a web-based application, it is also open to both Windows and Mac users and registration is not a necessity either. The only requirements for this program are that you have an active (and stable) internet connection, and that your browser has access to Java. Whether you want to record both video and audio, or record only a specific section of your screen, with this tool you have complete freedom on your recordings.

Step #1 – Start off by heading to this page.

Step #2 – After checking out the different features that this tool has to offer, click on the “Start Recording” button.

Step #3 – You will then be prompted to run the application, which you should do so. After doing that, select the “Record” option and select the section of your screen that you’d like to record.

Step #4 – Following that, if you want to record audio as well, then select the “Input Audio” option and select what sounds you would like to record.

using online recorder

Step #5 – Now all you have to do is click on the “Start” button to begin recording, and once you have recorded what you’d like to, click on the “Stop” button.

II. CamStudio

While the Camstudio program is only available on Windows computers, it is definitely one of the best tools out there. The program itself is not a web-based program and therefore you must download and install it onto your computer. When using this program, you are given a lot of freedom regarding the recording process. You are able to record either video, audio, or both. Not only that, but when you are recording your screen you are able to select the area of your display that you’d like to record.

III. Screencast O Matic

The Screencast O matic program, while web-based, can be seen as a step up from the Camstudio program. It is available on both Windows computers as well as Macs. Following that, you are able to record not only video, but audio too if you feel it is necessary to your recordings. The only catch with this program is that you must sign in using a social media account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and you can only record a maximum of 5 minutes. While this time limit is in place, if you are making short training video then this program is perfect for you

As you can see, this tool is not only free but is fairly simple to use. If this application sounds like something you’re interested in although the fact that it is a desktop application pushes you away from it, don’t worry! There is a desktop version of the program available as well that includes even more features than the web application.

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