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Record Live Stream

There are many video streaming sites through which you can rent movies and download from online libraries such as NetFix, Amazon Video and Hulu. But, there is no particular video downloader that can handle all these sites when it comes to pulling off videos to offline for one to watch at his or her own pace. That is why you need to know how to record live stream videos on your PC without passing through stress.

I. Why Recording Live Stream Videos?

record live streamsThere are ways for you to save the money you normally spend in paying for monthly subscription on most video steraming sistes  without getting your account into trouble. Downloading the movies into your computer will give you the opportunitty to watch it as many times as you want without having to worry about your internet data consumption through internet usage.  Another thing is that you can stream the movies online as video-on-demand (VoD) right in yrou browser  or particualr player for montly subscription. Additign to that most of th video streamign sites like Hulu, NetFix and others normally offer their vidoes in RTMP without actual vidoe file the same place mamking it difficult for oen to download or copy such vidoes directly online.

II. Record Live Stream with Software on Windows

For easy video streaming and recording on windows the best choice remains CamStudio. It is designed with ability to record screen, and audio as well as creating AVI video with industrial standard through the help of built-in SWF Producer. The features associated with this video recorder include:

  • cam studio- It is designed for recording streaming of videos, TV series and movie episodes and others.
  • - It provides regional / full-screen recording modes for making screencast.
  • - You can also adjust the frame rate, resolution, recording area, sound volume and others to achieve best results.
  • - You can also use it to create video tutorial for schools and college classes.
  • - Further, it records camera as well, meaning you can easily add your demonstration to the video for explaining things being recorded.


  • - It is free and simple to use
  • - There is intuitive interface for using the functions
  • - You can add watermark to your video


  • - The interface is obsolete.
  • - Users cannot edit video in real time; although there's a highlight panel, it's not easy to control over.
  • - It has flash frames around the recorded area, which is sometimes not friendly for users.

III. Record Screen Using Software on Mac

If you are using a Mac OS and want to stream videos using standalone program, there are many application out there you can use. One of the recommended is app designed for Mac OS X is  StreamToMe. It comes up with various features such as:

  • - It is made to stream video and audio right from your home server to Mac through a good internet connection.
  • - The server software for StreamToMe is designed to run on both Mac and Windows
  • - It comes with AirPlay support
  • - It support exporting videos for various devices including video apps including MP4, AVI, MPG, MKV, MOV, MP3, WMV, AAC, WMA and other video formats
  • - There is also iOS client app available on this application, too.

Pros and Cons of this Solution

Some of the cons and pros associated with this app include:  It is easy to use for audio and video streaming from one Mac device to another and easy video converting, it also come with good compressing feature for all videos, it is fantastic for viewing videos and also offered free of charge. For the cons: The interface is identical to the iPad apps, it required forwarding ports on the router to the server which is another stress.

IV. Record Live Stream Using Online App

If you want to stream video on the internet, you can make use of this web-base stream recorder tool. The application does not require installation of Java Applet only that there will be need for launcher installation if you are using it for the first time.  The steps you need to follow to stream videos online using this screen recorder include:

  • 1. To activate this web-base screen recorder click “ Start Recording”.
  • 2. Set the recording mode and region to your preferred style and design and start recording the video.
  • 3. When you finish recording just save the video to your computer local disk or upload to YouTube, ShowMore or any other social media network.

online recorder app

About Screen Recorder Online

One thing about web-based screen recorder tools is that they do not require downloading of screencast software before you can make use of them. What you simply need do is to open the screen recorder in your web and follow the steps outlined above. You will not only record video and audio simultaneously with the help of web-based screen recorder tools but also stand chance of adding your webcam in your recording in case you are creating videos for instruction. You will even record both demonstration and your screen activity properly at the same time. In addition, you can edit your screenshot in real time with screen recorder tools. Some of the editing features include annotating the videos with lines, callouts, text, highlights and lots more.

Pros and Cons of this Solution

Some of the pros associated with this video recording application you need to know include:

  • - Easy to use with no need to install Java
  • - Capable of recording videos up to 100 frames per second
  • - Designed with features that support taking screenshot
  • - Come with good user interface
  • For the cons: application lags during game play, also it requires some time to load the app in the first time.

V. Conclusion

Streaming videos from most popular video sites will no more be a problem to you with the help of the abovementioned video streaming apps. There are many more web-based apps including grabber and others, standalone programs designed for windows and the one designed for Mac operating system. You can read up the pros and cons on this site so as to know the best one to select for your video streaming online.