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Record Game Tutorials

record gameplayIn order to make the video tutorials effective, a little research could be done on available desktop recorder tools which allow for audio narration, webcam and screencasts. The desktop recorder tool has been designed exclusively to record screen activities with voiceover and sound along with editing of recordings and then saving them into different file formats. Getting a beginner or a new player into the game flow is necessary and it has to be done in an efficient way. There are several ways to show players how the games can be played best with in-game tutorials.

Reviews of Handy Game Recorders

#1 Online Recorder App

Ace Thinker’s Screen Recorder Online is a web tool for recording screen - Recording game tutorial videos from your screen could help creating game tricks and tips. Online Screen Recorder is a program that is available free of charge and it works on both Mackintosh and Windows computers. Both the audio and the video could be captured easily from any portion of your screen. It features custom screen, full screen and even Webcam modes.  It also allows you to record audio and video from Skype and Google Chat. It could be caught with just a single click with a user-friendly interface. There is no restriction on the limit of how much could be recorded.

online recorder

#2 Screen Recorder Software

Ace Thinker’s Desktop Screen Recorder Tool allows screen capturing at a professional level. You could do both audio and video recording at the same time. The screencasts are saved by default in WMV format; however, the program also allows conversion tools to change to FLV, MP4, ABI and SWF. This application has more features than other available online options. You also have the option of scheduling your tasks.


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#3 Jing

Jing is the third online option available to you. It is free and easy to use, but it has less features than other programs. Some useful features include an ability to use the hotkeys when you are recording for extremely large screen captures.

#4 Action! Screen Recorder

There is another useful solution available for recording game play tutorials that shows you how to create captivating and detailed game plans. It is the Game Recorder by Mirillis Action – its tutorials help you learn the basics about how to record the games. The user interface will help export the game recordings to YouTube and LIVE streaming. It offers more tricks and tips that can help you to attain the best kind of game recording performance with quality results.

action interface

In its game recorder, you could switch the recording mode to `Games and Applications’ to connect the game recorder and make the game active in order to start recording. The recording has to be done with the help of a hotkey ‘F9’. This Action game recorder has an internal fast player that is meant for playback of video recordings. New game recording could be selected and started with a double click on the mouse with the cursor placed on that thumbnail.


Several computer experts are in the process of creating video game tutorials which demonstrate how particular tasks could be carried out while teaching others the intricate details of these programs. It is better to take the help of screen recorders to make these game tutorials. They help people in looking for videos that show them ways of playing the games in a much better way. Video games that are in the market today are not as easy as you would find perhaps a couple of decades earlier. Many video games such as Prime World or League of Legends would require some types of tutorials to understand the game flow and to master the game play.