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Add Face to Video

face in videoAs personal communication becomes more than ever involved with the internet, more people want to record their communications and interactions with others and share them on YouTube and through social media and email with other friends. Others want to create and share tutorials about using the computer, grab great plays in their PC games and record other things as well. One option that people want to include is the ability to include their face into the videos. This can be handled by a whole host of online and downloadable software programs these days. The most intuitive and user-friendly options are outlined below.

#1 Online Screen Recorder - Add Face to Recorded Videos

There is one main method of adding your face into videos. The end result is a picture-in-picture format where the main video plays in most of the screen and the webcam video of your face is shown in a corner. This makes it simple to present a tutorial, share a story while cooking up a favorite meal on camera or give directions for a video game challenge. The Free Online Screen Recorder website is the most accessible and intuitive option. These directions will get you going in no time.

free recorder online

  • 1. Choose either computer sound or microphone as the source of your audio input. You can also choose unique hotkeys for various aspects of the recording process.
  • 2. Click on "Start" and then "Region" from the drop-down menu. Select the part of the screen you wish to record by choosing a preset shape or dragging the selection frame around.
  • 3. After clicking the camera, change the size of the PiP box and drag it wherever you wish it to be recorded on the screen.
  • 4. After recording, all you need to do is press "Stop" to conclude.

#2 JibJab – Website-Based Option for Face or Image Inclusion

This next option for including your face in a video focuses on humor, cartoons or funny music or dance styles. You can stick your face on one of the unique characters in the premade video templates and enjoy the show. JibJab is a fun tool for making people laugh and have a great time. Follow these steps and start having fun.

jib jab

  • 1. Choose one of the fun video options from the JibJab website. Also, select any different options you prefer.
  • 2. Pick a character and a photo from your computer galleries or saved files. You can also use your webcam to take a new picture to use right away.
  • 3. Resize your photo so that the face will fit in the picture neatly. Start by positioning the picture so they eyes match up with the provided line. Then, the zoom feature can make your face larger or smaller. You can also use contour lines to change its shape a bit.
  • 4. JibJab offers animated mouth movements for singing music videos. Line up your photos lips with the mouth points on the screen.
  • 5. Click on "Animate" to watch the video and continuing tweaking until everything is perfect.