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As one of the most successful and innovative product ever made by Apple, iPhone has been prevailing among digital users and tends to release a new model every year. The most distinctive features of this smart phone include the artistic design, large screen, high-resolution, comprehensive apps and many more. However, just like using any other phones, there’s a limit of storage on files which requires you to clean up data periodically. This article will discuss the handy tricks for efficiently deleting files on iPhone for releasing space on your mobile.

I. Manual Ways to Remove Files on iPhone

This is the substantial way to remove files on your mobile and comes suitable for the situations when there’re no so many things to clean.

1. Delete Apps and Data of Apps

As we all know that apps occupy large amount of space and could impede you from storing new data. Cleaning apps can help to free up much space, even though you may utilize some of them later on, iPhone lets you retrieve them easily. In order to do so, unlock your iPhone screen, tap and hold an app icon, when you see all icons wiggle, just tab X to delete any of them. Note that you can still access the data of your app as long as you have synced it using iCloud with your own account.

deleting ios apps

Despite deleting an app directly, if you’re willing to keep the app but still release some space, you may remove the data used up by the app. An app may take up extra storage by “Documents & Data” as illustrated below. This part includes the stuffs downloaded and created by the app, it may also be cache.

delete apps in data and storage

To do this, go to “Settings” and then “iCloud”. After tapping on “Storage and Backup”, go to “Manage Storage” and you will see the “Documents & Data”. Navigate to an app that you want to remove the data along with it, tap on “Edit” on top-left and then select “Delete All”.

2. Delete Mdia Files on Your Gadgets

remove media files on iphoneIf you have used the functions of camera, player, podcast or other media on your iPhone, it will result in files associated with these apps. You may transfer such files to computer and delete them afterwards to free up the space. For instance, you can tab the Videos app to load a list of videos that’re taking up the memory. By swiping a video file to the left and select “Delete”, you can remove it completely from your gadget. It works similarly for photos, you could forward to Photo app, preview and select the photos you want to clean, and then tap the “Delete” button. Note that you could either remove a specific photo file or the entire photo album.

3. Erase Cache on Browser App

Just like surfing webpages on computer, it also piles up cache and cookies when using browser on your mobile, you may usually remove these stuffs to maintain enough free space. Here we take safari for example to explain the procedure. Also unlock your iPhone screen, tap on Safari app and then forward to usage screen. Navigate to “Website Data” and then “Remove All Website Data” to get rid of the stuffs. And if you prefer, you can keep going to “Offline Reading List” or “History” to clean the other types of data.

clean browser cache

II. Software Way to Clean iPhone Data

Sometimes there’re loads of files to remove after accumulating a large amount of them. And you will find it uneasy to deal with them manually on your mobile. A more effortless way is to utilize a tool to either clean data in batch or manage them on your computer with high efficiency. Find valuable tools to keep your mobile clean after the jump.

1. iFunBox

ifunbox rating

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The iFunBox is actually a practicable mobile manager to control over the files on your iOS devices including but not limited to iPhone. By projecting your mobile screen onto computer, you can deep into the hierarchy of all mobile data and explore into associated files with detailed info about the size. After taking an overview of these data, you will have a clean idea about what to remove and also do so in a short while.


2. Phone Browser

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It’s another tool that enables users to explore into the file system with the attribute info of each item available. Though it takes a while to connect to your device from computer, Phone Browser gives you an intuitive interface which looks like web browser. From here you will see all data arranged in categories on left-side with sequence. By navigating to a category, you can have a quick glance at the files or apps belong to this one and also determine what to clean. It only takes a few minutes to know how much space you can save by the deletion.

III. Conclusion

To summarize, we have discussed several feasible solutions in this article to help you maintain the availability of free space on your mobile by cleaning unwanted items. You could either manually remove them according to the instructions or utilize third-party software to perform more comprehensive deletion. If you have better ideas on cleaning files, feel free to share them in discussion area.


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